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2016 HSSE Pages:

2016 Trade Show Tips


    • Be creative!
    • Design should be clean and uncluttered, and able to attract potential visitors quickly.


    • Do some pre-show publicity by phone or mail to advise your customers and new prospects that you will be an exhibitor. Describe any new products you will be introducing and let them know that you look forward to seeing them at your booth.
    • Tell us which customers you would like to invite to the exhibition, and we would send them personal invitations.


    • Questions for customers could include:
      1. Do you already sell products similar to ours? If so, which brands?
      2. Would you be interested in hearing more about our product?
    • ALWAYS follow up on the new contacts you make at the exhibit and the sooner the better. Answer any questions they may have raised, and thank them for visiting your display.


    • Ensure that your sales team knows why you decided to attend this particular show and what you hope to gain from it. The better they understand your motives, the better they will convey the right message to prospective customers.
    • Do NOT eat or drink or use a phone in the booth. These activities discourage persons from visiting the booth
    • Have specific goals, e.g. gain a certain number of sales leads.
    • Give a quick presentation and move on to the next available potential customer
    • Don’t improvise. Memorize a sales pitch to ensure effective delivery.


    • AMCHAM T&T would be having two exhibitor’s competitions: Your booth at the HSSE Conference is essential to your brand recognition. Therefore we would like to award those exhibitors whose booths are noticed as outstanding designs, as well as those exhibitors who get the most votes amongst ‘Walk-in’ customers and Conference participants.
      1. Most Creative Best Booth competition, where we would be looking at Customer Participation/Interest, Appealing and Creative Use of Space, Innovative and Original Marketing, and Effort Shown in Booth Display.
      2. People’s Choice competition, where the booth with the most votes will be the winner

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