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In response to the deteriorating work ethic and the apparent absence of critical thinking employed in the wider community in dealing with issues of national and international import, AMCHAM T&T initiated the National Youth Productivity Forum (NYPF). This was done as we are sensible of the fact that in order to accomplish meaningful and sustainable change the psyche of our young and impressionable citizens must be effectively engaged in the dialogue and planning process. The model of the NYPF, which targets students between the ages of 16 to 18 years in all secondary schools in the country, is multifaceted and comprises the following:

 1.       Discussion Round: secondary schools in the country are divided into five zones - North, South, East and Central Trinidad and Tobago. In each zone four schools will represent perspectives of Government, Labour, Business or Civil Society, respectively, so that the ideas, arguments and solutions enunciated will be a distillation of views from all national stakeholders. The final round comprises the winners from each perspective. To register please click here

 2.       Online Component: This component is on our Facebook page – it is an interactive forum which engages students on the discussion theme. Students receive prizes for correctly responding to questions posed on the discussion boards.

 3.       A School’s Project: Schools participate in the NYPF by submitting a current or future project which students implemented in their schools and/or communities that embodies the theme and productivity. To register please click here

4.       Internships: AMCHAM T&T through its membership places students in organisation to work for the July/August vacation



  • Create a workforce (as students graduate) that is productive and sensitive to key issues
  • Employable students
  • Students that are articulate and critical thinkers
  • Students that appreciate healthy lifestyles and reduction in NCDs



  • In its inaugural year, the NYPF received international recognition after winning the coveted honorary award for "Most Creative AMCHAM PROGRAM" among the 23 member chambers which comprise the Association of American Chambers of Commerce of Latin America and the Caribbean (AACCLA). The initiative was highly recommended as being visionary and ingenious. 
  • The Forum obtained further accolades in 2012, when the Centre for International Private Sector Enterprise (CIPE) recognised the initiative in its Annual Guidebook which highlights examples of best youth development projects hosted by business chambers and associations worldwide. 
  • The project component has expanded the reach of the Forum to an additional several hundred students.
  • The initiative is resonating reasonable well among students. Every year the level of interest and engagement in the program increases, with participating students showing marked improvement in performance. 













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